Credential Management

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Electronic transactions offer gains in productivity but also pose significant security threats. To mitigate risk, many large organizations and government agencies are replacing traditional user names and passwords with digital certificates that enable strong authentication, encryption, and electronic signatures. However, to fully trust the access control and identity assurance services that digital certificates enable, organizations must securely store these digital identities / certificates on authentication devices such as smart cards or smart USB tokens.

The ActivIdentity ActivID product suite consists of the ActivIdentity ActivID™ Card Management System, as well as two add-on modules: ActivIdentity ActivID™ Batch Management System and ActivIdentity ActivID™ Identity Registration System.

The ActivIdentity ActivID Card Management System is a reliable, proven, and extensible solution that enables organizations to securely issue and manage digital credentials on devices, as well as securely update applications and credentials on devices after they have been issued to end users. For organizations who need secure PIN management and smart card issuance quickly and easily, the ActivIdentity ActivID™ CMS Appliance provides a new level of ease of ownership and accelerated time to benefit.

For organizations deploying large quantities of smart cards, ActivIdentity bundles an add-on module into its Advanced Edition of ActivIdentity ActivID Card Management System. ActivIdentity ActivID Batch Management System enables communication with a service bureau for personalization and encoding of smart cards in centralized high-volume card production environments.

For organizations that have to comply with Personal Identity Verification (PIV) or PIV-Interoperable standards, ActivIdentity offers the ActivIdentity ActivID Identity Registration System add-on module, which extends the basic enrollment functionality of ActivIdentity ActivID Card Management System to comply with the more advanced PIV standards.  

Together with its Security Client software, Strong Authentication platform, and Authentication Device offering, ActivIdentity can provide organizations with a complete “Smart Employee ID Solution” that can be leveraged for both physical and logical access control.

ActivIdentity Credential Management products include the following benefits for adopting organizations:

  • Enhanced productivity by providing a single platform to issue and manage devices and credentials
  • Capability to address a broad range of organizational requirements out of the box as part of the Classic Edition; advanced functionality available via the Advanced Edition
  • Unique, patented post-issuance update capabilities that allow organizations to extend the life time of authentication devices, offering substantial cost-savings and productivity enhancements
  • Proven technology that has been leveraged by many security-minded organizations to issue hundreds of millions of credentials