ActivIdentity ActivClient

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ActivClient 6.2

Organizations are increasingly concerned about workstation security and access to network resources. The risks of unauthorized use include theft of proprietary information, compromise of computer systems, and monetary loss due to fraud. ActivIdentity ActivClient™ software enables organizations to secure workstations with smart cards and smart USB tokens while enforcing strong authentication for desktop access and network login.  



ActivIdentity ActivClient software offers the following benefits:

  • Enforcement of corporate policies for workstation and network access
  • Simple, easy-to-use client interface for end users
  • Proven desktop security, as evidenced by millions of clients deployed in organizations worldwide

As the leading client solution for smart cards and USB tokens, ActivIdentity ActivClient delivers compelling features for organizations:

  • Storage of multiple credentials for public key infrastructure (PKI), one-time password (OTP), and static passwords on a single authentication device
  • Support for leading smart card manufacturers, remote access solutions, thin clients, and productivity applications
  • Capability to establish specific policies for certificates, PIN management, notification, and logging
  • Support for compliance with the Personal Identity Verification (PIV) standard and Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS)

The ActivIdentity ActivClient security client offering includes a software development kit for systems integrators and independent software vendors.

ActivIdentity ActivClient: How It Works

How ActivClient Works