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ActivIdentity ActivID Card Management System As large organizations move away from the use of traditional user name / password mechanisms for access control, they face the challenge of managing a large and fluctuating number of end users, dispersed locations, and heterogeneous environments.

ActivIdentity ActivID™ Card Management System provides a complete, flexible, and highly configurable solution to manage the issuance and administration requirements of successful smart card deployments. With ActivIdentity ActivID Card Management System organizations can manage their authentication devices (e.g., smart cards and smart USB tokens), data (e.g., static passwords, biometrics, and demographic data), applets (e.g. one-time password applications and Personal Identity Verification [PIV] applets), and digital credentials (including public key infrastructure [PKI] certificates) throughout their entire life cycle.

In conjunction with ActivIdentity ActivClient security software as well as public key cryptography standards (PKCS) #11-compliant middleware, ActivID Card Management System issues and manages smart cards and smart USB tokens that can be used for a wide variety of desktop, network security, and productivity applications. In its fullest use case, it becomes a “Smart Employee ID Card” for both logical and physical access control.

ActivIdentity ActivID Card Management System includes the following benefits:

  • Minimizes the time and costs associated with deploying and maintaining digital identities in the form of smart cards or smart USB tokens
  • Provides a highly scalable and configurable management platform for multifunction employee badges and other smart card-based IDs
  • Includes easy-to-define security policies and business processes for issuing and managing digital credentials and devices across unlimited end user groups in geographically dispersed locations
  • Integrates easily with a wide variety of operating systems, directories, front- or back-end identity management and provisioning systems, certificate authorities, and physical access control systems
  • Meets stringent U.S. federal government standards for Personal Identity Verification (PIV)
  • Ensures a secure, transparent way of transmitting secrets held on smart cards or smart USB tokens connected to user workstations

ActivIdentity ActivID Card Management System includes the following features:

  • Customizable workflows and policies that readily adapt to a variety of environments and deployment scenarios
  • Full, tamper-evident audit features that log all event activities for reporting
  • Extensibility to support batch and service bureau issuance models
  • Unique, patented post-issuance update capabilities
  • Web-based self service
  • Web-based help desk administration

The ActivIdentity ActivID Card Management System offering also includes a software development kit for systems integrators and independent software vendors.

ActivIdentity ActivID Card Management System: How It Works

ActivIdentity ActivID Card Management System