ActivIdentity OTP Tokens

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Strong security starts with ensuring that only the proper people have access to protected network resources and applications. ActivIdentity offers a range of Strong Authentication solutions that are backed by a complete line of ActivIdentity One-Time Password (OTP) Tokens.

ActivIdentity OTP Tokens generate random passwords that cannot be re-used. End users gain access to resources by possession of the OTP Token and knowledge of a secret, in this case a PIN number. The end user experience is as simple as using an ATM machine and provides far stronger security than a static password.

ActivIdentity Keychain OTP Token

The ActivIdentity Keychain OTP Token offers a range of authentication methods in a compact and durable package. Its convenience and accessibility make it a popular choice for employee authentication.


ActivIdentity Pocket OTP Token

The ActivIdentity Pocket OTP Token is a portable, durable device for strong authentication. It is designed for highly mobile users.


ActivIdentity OTP Token

The ActivIdentity OTP Token supports a range of authentication methods and is a popular choice for employee authentication. The keypad provides support for PIN unlock and challenge / response authentication.


ActivIdentity Desktop OTP Token

The ActivIdentity Desktop OTP Token provides a comfortable, easy-to-read design that is suitable for use at home or in the office. Its larger display face and buttons simplify PIN entry and reduce eye strain.


ActivIdentity Mini OTP Token

The ActivIdentity Mini OTP Token is designed for high-volume token deployments in consumer and employee authentication. The ActivIdentity Mini OTP Token is waterproof and has options for customized logos and case colors.


All ActivIdentity OTP Tokens offer the following benefits:

  • Greater longevity and durability than competitors’ products due to the token’s design, power conservation, and longer battery life
  • Wide range of algorithms, form factors, and designs to enable organizations to mix and match tokens as needed
  • Support of Initiative for Open AuTHentication (OATH) standards

ActivIdentity OTP Tokens support the following features:

  • Event-only algorithm that provides strong security for everyday consumer authentication
  • Open standards-based challenge / response mechanism to avoid out-of-sync tokens
  • Compatibility with third-party software
  • Compatibility with the ActivIdentity OTP smart card applet, providing a smooth path to deploying smart cards in the future