ActivIdentity USB Tokens

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ActivIdentity USB Tokens provide strong security in an easy-to-use, portable form factor that has the same two-factor authentication, digital signature, and encryption capabilities as a smart card.

ActivKey SIM USB Token ActivIdentity ActivKey SIM USB Token

The ActivIdentity ActivKey® SIM USB Token combines the security of a smart card with a built-in USB reader. The field-serviceable subscriber identity module (SIM) provides organizations with a path for future upgrades without requiring them to purchase additional readers.


ActivKey Display USB Token ActivIdentity ActivKey Display USB Token

The ActivIdentity ActivKey® Display USB Token supports online authentication using a SIM and built-in USB reader, as well as offline strong authentication using one-time passwords.


ActivIdentity USB Tokens offer the following benefits:

  • Improve cost-efficiencies by eliminating multiple form factors for identification and by minimizing token administration for logical, remote, and facilities access
  • Save time and money by connecting directly through the USB interface to enable readerless deployment
  • Complement employee identification, identity management, and public key infrastructure (PKI) initiatives with credential storage and strong security services for proof of identity

ActivIdentity USB Tokens support the following features:

  • Securely storing static passwords, one-time passwords, and PKI credentials
  • Allowing users to change their own PIN, store and manage static passwords / user names, and download and delete certificates through ActivIdentity ActivClient™ or the self-service Web portal of ActivIdentity ActivID™ Card Management System
  • Device removal to lock the workstation