ActivIdentity Smart Card Readers

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Recognizing that smart card readers are not yet commonly available across workstations and mobile devices, ActivIdentity offers a broad range of smart card readers to support our customers’ deployment efforts.

Smart Card USB Reader ActivIdentity USB Reader

ActivIdentity USB Reader is a reliable, high-performance device that complies with industry standards to ensure smooth deployment in any organization. Unlike other USB smart card readers, the ActivIdentity USB Reader includes driver support for multiple Windows platforms and comprehensive diagnostic tools for troubleshooting.

ActivIdentity USB Reader is seamlessly integrated into ActivIdentity strong authentication and credential management solutions, eliminating compatibility problems and ultimately reducing administrative costs.

Smart Card PCMCIA Reader ActivIdentity PCMCIA Reader

ActivIdentity PCMCIA Reader is a smart card reader for laptops and is ideal for corporate business travelers who need to access sensitive data. Using a patented design, ActivIdentity PCMCIA Reader features a robust metal casing and a built-in guide for easy smart card insertion.

When inserted in a PCMCIA slot, the reader is completely unobtrusive. It is user friendly, easy to install, and provides true Windows plug-and-play compatibility.