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In partnering with the 425 Consulting Group, our expert business consulting partner, we’ve found that  the most effective way to solve your unique challenges may be to consider how all the components of your business work together. The solution may be limited to tweaking an existing Business Process. It may be making better use of your existing Transaction Systems. Or, a consultation on purchasing something  entirely new. The core challenge could also be access to data and reporting.   

Perhaps your organization would benefit from the alignment of your Business Processes, Transaction Systems AND Business Intelligence into a cohesive whole that supports your Business Decisions and Objectives.

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A Business Process is a collection of related tasks which result in the delivery of some output. They span internally across roles and departments as well as externally with customers and partners, including the systems you own or connect with that support them all.

Most organizations have established business processes for several activities, but they are often undocumented or were designed to meet an urgent need rather than thoughtfully planned to align with other processes, policies, and enterprise goals. As a result, long-standing business processes are often inefficient, not understood/followed, or needlessly complicated which all result in lost productivity.

What we do: Process Mapping to identify bottlenecks, quality issues and inefficiencies.

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Every organization has transaction systems. There are accounting systems, payroll systems, fixed asset, inventory, and warehouse systems.  It's where the story of your organization is recorded.

These systems need to work together.

While working with you to maximize your existing systems, we'll only recommend something new if your existing systems aren't meeting your objectives





Business Intelligence and Reporting shows  the results the leadership sees and demands. 

We understand that it takes a holistic approach to BI & Reporting. We help clients realize Reporting is much more than just a fancy chart with numbers. It takes a process to capture the data, a system to store the information and THEN, a reporting mechanism to report and present the data in a clear, concise manner.


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